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George Burger Murals
El Nopalito Murals
Temporary Signage
Doc's Bedroom Murals
Other Graphics & Etc
Papa Pepperoni, Oceanside
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Miscellaneous Murals
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George Burger murals, San Marcos, CA


New York

LA Hollywood

San Diego

San Francisco

George's Village

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El Nopalito Murals, Encinitas, CA

El Nopalito Wall

Beach mural

Valle mural

Church mural

Rancho mural


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Doc's Bedroom Murals, Oceanside, CA

Doc's Falls

Doc's Tropics

Doc's Volcano

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Papa Pepperoni, Oceanside, CA

Venice View 1

Venice View 2

Venice View 3

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Miscellaneous Murals

Bussell's Coffee House

Cloud Room

The Greek American

The Howard's Kinkade

Mural in progress

Always No. 1 Spa

Smile Nails Day Spa

Smile Nails

Smile Nails

Jitters Express, Oceanside

Liberty Tax mural

Joe's Beach

Joe's Desert View

Joe's Cactus

Three Sisters Beach

Preschool wall

Kate's wall

Dungeons & Marines

Harbor fish & Chips

Taylor's room

Carol's Italy


Beach Bedroom

Dorothy's shop

Samantha's Room

Baby Boy's Room

Robinson's Baby Mural

Kari's baby room

Briellen's Room

Chloe's Mural, Vinyl

Joe's Mermaid

Morning Glories

Greek Bouzouki

Door Murals

Tiger door

Orangutan door

Palm door

Aquarium door

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Permanent signs

Lazy H sign

The Money Guy

M Salon

S.D. Classic & Muscle Cars

Rudy's Taco Shop

Earthquake Pizza

Java Town

First Class Fitness

Tacoma Banner

El Nopalito Market

El Nopalito Market

A&S Management

Kona Hut

Hildebrandt Sign

Brazilian Blowout

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Awful Austin

Discount Mobile

El Nopalito Truck

Scotts Drill Service

Blue Girl Van

Soccer Golf

Dunnin' Van

Mobile Flower Cart

Florist Van

Money Guy Van

Ice Cream Van

Best houses in CA

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Temporary Signage

Sale sign


Cheese Promo

Dorothy's Military Cleaners

Beachcomber Barber Shop

Grad Banner

Dorothy's July_4th

Beachcomber Barber

Scary Pizza

Costume Zone Witch

July 4th

Sharkey's Halloween

Jumping Bean Easter

So Cal Tanning

Saundra's Hair Quest

TnT Hair Design

Mr. Peabody

Mr. Peabody

So Cal Special

Oceanside Tire

and Service Center

Valentine's Day

St. Patrick's


Christmas windows



Sharkey's Cuts for Kids

Mama Kat's

Mama Kat's winter

Tender Loving Mercy

Oceanside Therapy Group

So-Cal Christmas

Oceanside Music Supply


Olde Christmas

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Other Graphics & Etc

Horse Jump

Baseball Jump

Jazz Jump

Pumpkin Jump

Christmas Jump

Ark Jump

Dragon Jump

Castle Jump

Heraldic Art

Kate's Portrait

Chloe Rose

Golf Course

Loretta's portrait

A bit Quacked

Feeling Safe Yet?

GOP Hilarity

A GOP Star Rises

Climes Are Achanging

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The Details

I have been in the sign business in Oceanside since 1986.

I charge the same rate for all art work. That rate is currently

$44.00 per hour. The price of any graphic, mural or sign will

vary according to the amount of detail, the type of work and

the work surface. The SALE! sign on glass took about 2.50

hours. The Three Sisters Beach took me 11 hours and the El

Nopalito Murals took 134 hours to do.

For smaller jobs I am paid on completion. On larger projects,

done over a period of weeks or months, I am paid for the work

completed every two weeks. I work on the project for two or

three days a week, leaving time to do work for other clients.


Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in Fine

Art from the University of California, Berkeley.


Other Links

eZine for San Diego Democrats
Art Attacks
Custom Airbrushing

Gresham Woodworks
Custom furniture designer
Tony's Jump
Custom jump manufacturing and repair


Contact Information

Artist At Large
412 San Diego Street
Oceanside, CA 92058
Email AAL Signs Plus


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